These 5 actresses put a lot of bold scenes in the web series

actresses put a lot of bold scenes in the web series

These 5 actresses put a lot of bold scenes in the web series – nowadays the craze of web series is more among the people. The special thing is that many web series made more headlines on the basis of their story, while some such bold scenes were shown in many web series which came in the discussion.

These bold scenes were in such headlines that people started knowing the name of the web series only after seeing these scenes. See which actress gave which Bollywood scenes in which web series and which Bollywood scenes came in public’s eyes.

Easika Duggal showed the role of Kalin Bhaiya’s wife in the famous web series ‘Mirzapur’. In this, he gave such bold scenes that people trembled.

kiaran adwani

In ‘Lust Story’, Kiyara Advani gave such a bold scene that she had come into the limelight. Even the picture of this bold scene became very viral.

actress model Tridha Choudhury Wallpapers

In the ‘Ashram’ web series, Tridha Chaudhary gave such bold scenes that there was a discussion. Even the picture of Tridha sitting on the bed wearing a red sari went viral.

In the web series ‘Sacred Games’ with Nawajuddin Siddiqui, actress Rajshree Deshpande gave such bed scenes that she had to listen to many things of people. Rajshree herself has revealed this in many interviews.

There is no such bold scene in the ‘Bekaboo’ web series, which Priya has backed out of giving.

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