10 Best Lipstick Brands In India 2022

Best Lipstick Brands In India

Best Lipstick Brands In India: There is an unbreakable bond between a woman and her lipstick. Which works to enhance his personality. It is the most powerful cosmetic tool to enhance the beauty of any woman. That’s why today we have brought you the most popular Lipstick Brands for girls.

Along with making your face attractive, it enhances your look and makes you lips more fresh and attractive. If you apply poor quality lipstick on your lips, then your lips will look dry and dirty. Even the wrong shade of lipstick can spoil your look.

If you want to avoid all these types of problems, then use lipsticks of the right and quality brands. Here we will discuss about 10 best lipsticks brands in India.

Whenever you buy lipstick, it is important to pay attention to its brands and quality. We take you through some exclusive lipsticks handpicked by makeup experts.



Lakme is the most popular Indian brand of Hindustan Unilever Limited. It is known for its high quality and vast variety of skin care and beauty products. Its products are very cheap, which every woman can buy. Lakme is the best matte lipstick brand for dry lips of girls, it is most liked in India. You must have seen many Bollywood actresses and models promoting it.


It is a cosmetic company which was started in 1914. The headquarter of this brand is in New York. Maybelline is a creamy lipstick that gives a velvety matte finish to chapped and dry lips. Many young girls in India use it. This is a long lasting lipstick brand which makes your lips very beautiful.

Sugar Cosmetics

It is one of the best leading lipstick brands in India. You can use Chinese Beauty Lipstick in everyday makeup. This is a very cheap brand, which you will find in any cosmetic shop. Its special thing is that even after hours of applying it, it does not move and maintains your beauty.

Lotus Herbals

Lotus Herbals is a well known name in the world of makeup. It is one of the most popular lipstick brands in India which suits every skin tone. This brand’s lipsticks are made from natural and exotic ingredients which are completely natural and safe for anyone to use.

L’Oreal Paris

It is a French company, which was started in 1909. L’Oreal Paris is one of the best and respected brands in the world. Which is used by models and actresses around the world. It specializes in the areas of skin care, hair care, in addition to its cosmetics.

Talking about lipstick, it gives flawless finish to your lips. The lipsticks of this brand are considered nutritious for your skin. Surely this will help to enhance your beauty even more.


Colorbar is another popular Indian cosmetics brand which is loved by the girls. She made her first product, a lip balm called Colorbar Baby Lips, which was highly appreciated. Apart from this, you will also get eye shadow, eyeliner and kajal pencil in this brand.

Which company’s lipstick is good for daily use?

If you talk about using lipstick in daily use, then it is very important to take care of some things. It should be a little light and comfortable. Also, it should be a little drying formula and should be tinted in color so that you do not need frequent touchups.

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