5 Best Underwear for Periods: Leak Proof Panties For Women

Underwear for Periods Leak Proof Panties

Period panties or menstrual panties are made from super absorbent material to absorb period flow. These panties are specially designed to replace pads and tampons. However, most girls wear this type of panty as an added protection during their periods. Good quality period panties have odor control and quick sweat absorption. Period panties are a great option during the menstrual cycle as normal underwear tends to stain and wear out very quickly during periods. That’s why you can wear such panties.

In a developing country like India, girls often feel anxious, embarrassed and uncomfortable for the first time about menstrual flow, what it is and why it is happening and what people will think about it.

Adolescent girls are not educated about this by their parents. Because of this ignorance, many use unhealthy products to manage their vaginal fluid flow. Many parents support this which is not a good sign for a healthy society. Due to this, women start harming themselves.

Why should I use period underwear?

The main advantage of period underwear is that it lasts three to five days longer than the average period and helps absorb it if you have a heavy flow, so you don’t have to change disposable pads frequently. Our internal parts are very fragile, due to which period underwear is softer and more comfortable for your skin than disposable pads. Due to which you do not have to face the problem like itching.

Some of the characteristics of period underwear

  • Super Absorbent
  • Leak Protection
  • Looks and feel like a normal undergarment
  • Not bulky
  • Not insertion required
  • Washable
  • Reusable
  • Safe and secured

Best Underwear for Periods

Panty underwear is just as comfortable and good looking as normal underwear but it works in a slightly different way. That’s why I have picked out the best period panties in India from top brands. Here are the best period panties on the market.

Modibodi – Underwear for period

Modibodi underwear for period

Modibody’s underwear is very beneficial during periods, its fabric is made of modifier air technology and odor-fighting lining. Period underwear of this brand is very comfortable to wear. Along with this, it also makes men’s underwear, milk-absorbing breastfeeding bras, period swimwear and even clothes for children. This super light period underwear holds 0.5 teaspoons, can handle up to four teaspoons even in heavy flows.

Dear Kate – Leak Proof Period Underwear

Dear Kate Leak Proof Period Underwear

Dear Kate Nelly Hipster Mini is the best period panty out of all the underwear I’ve tested. It is made of silky nylon and is not heavy at all. Wearing this, you will not feel that you are wearing a diaper on your period. It is better suited to wear if you are having heavy flow.


Most period underwear is a bit crappy to look at, but Knicks’ panties include the sleek nylon, cotton, and modal you’ll find. Which gives you extra comfort. It has a little more thickness at the bottom. It is made of a special kind of absorbent polyester, so it helps in working the odor from the fabric.

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