Top 10 Most Popular Cartoon Characters in the World

Most Popular Cartoon Characters in the World

Cartoons and Cartoon Characters are loved by both children and adults. With so many classics out there, from Looney Tunes to Hanna-Barbera to the likes of The Simpsons, South Park, SpongeBob SquarePants, and even He-Man. To this day, cartoon characters are loved and are considered some people’s favorite.

In this article we share list of the top 10 popular and oldest cartoon characters of all time.

Mickey Mouse

Mickey Mouse

Mickey Mouse is one of the oldest and most known cartoon characters ever. He was ‘born’ in 1928, the date which his first picture started. This has been the most favorite cartoon of children, even today its popularity is the highest.

Bugs Bunny

Bugs Bunny Cartoon

One of the most iconic characters ever made, Bugs Bunny appeared for the first time in 1940 in a Tex Avery directed cartoon named a Wild Hare. Bugs Bunny has been appeare in many films, TV series, comic books. He became the main character in Merrie Melodies and the Looney Tunes series.

Daffy Duck

Daffy Duck made its first appearance in 1937’s short Porky Duck Hunt, made by director Tex Avery and animated by Bob Clampett.

Tom and Jerry

Tom and Jerry cartoon has become one of the most famous and loved cartoons ever. The show won a total of seven Academy Awards for Best Animated Short Film.

Scooby Doo

It is an American animate franchise comprising many animation television series produce from 1969 to the present. Scooby Doo has a speech impediment, and often begins most words with ‘R’, but his friends understand him nevertheless.


This muscular American cartoon character has been entertaining us with his scientific ingenuity and diplomatic arguments. Popeye was first created in 1929 by Elzie Crisler Segar for his Thimble Theatre comic strip, which was later rename after Popeye himself.

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