Friends With Benefits Relationships: 5 Rules for FWB Relationships

What is friends with benefits

Research shows that “Friends with benefits” relationships are becoming increasingly popular since the 1980s. Due to films also, people’s attraction towards such relationships has increased. In movies such as Sex and the City, Friends with Benefits and No Sting Attach, the characters are seen trying to find a balance between building physical relationships and friendship.

Over time, the attitude of people about the relationship has changed a lot. It is a relationship in which two people, despite being in a relationship, are also in a relationship with another person. In simple words, such a relationship in which two people make a mutual relationship but they are not a couple but a friend. This relationship is more prevalent in most developed states like America.

In a friends with benefits relationship, the boy and the girl fulfill each other’s needs. In today’s time, this trend is being seen among the youth of all ages. Often this trend is being seen more in single college youth. They got physical with friends who stayed together during and studied on campus and moved ahead in their careers.

What is friends with benefits

Friends with Benefits is a relationship where both the boy and the girl live together and both of them have fun and love and sharing. Both are physical pleasures and sexual relations. But let us tell you that this relationship lasts only for some time. There is no responsibility for this and there is no restriction. They can separate at any time and choose their own life partner.

Friends With Benefits Relationships

In friends with benefits relationship, boys and girls live together only for their physical pleasure and they can separate from each other at any time. But this relationship is made only by the wishes of the boy and the girl.

Warnings of Friends With Benefits

In this relationship, both the boy and the girl have many advantages, but there are also some disadvantages, due to which it is very important to take care of many things, some of which are being told here.

  • If you make a relationship during the Friends with Benefits relationship, then definitely keep in mind the protection.
  • Friends With Benefits If you are in a relationship, keep it to yourself, do not tell any of your friends or family members.
  • In this type of relationship, you have to keep your emotions under control. Keep this relationship only to your body, do not try to take it to your heart.
  • Don’t expect anything from your partner.

There is no pressure on the partners in this type of relationship and it is best for boys. Boys always get attracted towards girls very quickly. Because of this it is best for them.

Girls also fulfill their needs with this kind of relationship. Some girls are open minded, who provide physical pleasure to their partner to lead a luxurious life, some women who are not satisfied with their married life and some are also widowed women. She also makes such a relationship for her physical pleasure and gives money or anything else to her partner in return. Simply put, to give something to someone to fulfill your needs.

It has also been seen many times that such a relationship has turned into love and both are happy in their life. But it is not necessary for everyone to be like this. It is said that a boy and a girl can never be friends. But Friends with Benefits is not a matter of love but of physical need.

India is a cultural country where such relationships are not allowed. This has been seen more in developed countries only. Because of this, the people of our country always seem to avoid this kind of relation.

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