6 Indian Celebrities Who Have Insured Their Body Parts

Bollywood Celebrities Who Have Insured Their Body Parts

Bollywood Celebrities Insured Their Body Parts: Many people love Bollywood celebrities very much because some celebrities are extremely talented and attractive in appearance. There are few such celebrities. Some such celebrity has also got their body parts implanted to look attractive, some have even got plotting surgery done so that they can attract people more. There are certain body parts of girls which contribute to their good looks.

In today’s article, we will talk about some such celebrities who have insured their body parts because it is their body parts that helps them to get a lot of money and fame.

Celebrities Who Have Insured Their Body Parts

All these Bollywood celebrities are known for their acting as well as their smile and voice, due to which all of them have got you body parts insured.

Priyanka Chopra – Insured her smile

Priynka Chopra is an international celebrity as well as a winner of the Miss World 2000 title. Many people like him for his dazzling smile. Priyanka knows this so she has got her lovely smile insured. Everyone is crazy about his smile.

Neha Dhupia – Insured her butt

Neha Dhupia is one of the beautiful beauties of Bollywood, she is 38 years old at this time but still she can compete with anyone with her beauty, due to which she has insured her butt for a huge amount. You will be surprised to know that many actresses have got Anu Butt insured.

Neha has confessed in an interview that when she came to know that Jennifer Lopez had butt insured she contacted that insurance company and decided to get her butt insured as well. This is the most special body part for any girl, seeing that anyone can become crazy about her.

Rajnikanth – Insured his voice

Rajinikanth is a legend who works in South Indian film industry. All his films have been super hit. People are crazy about his style and strong voice. Because of this, Rajinikanth has got copyright and insurance for his voice.

Sania Mirza – Insured her hands

Sania Mirza is one of the top tennis player of India. Hands are used in this game, because of this Sania has insured the dream hands. Sania has also won many awards for India.

Minissha Lamba – Insured Her Butt

Minissha Lamba is a Bollywood actress, you must have seen her in the movie Bachna Hai Haseeno. Although his career in Bollywood was not very good, but because of your figure, he has a lot of fans today. Since the beginning of his career, he has been praised for having a perfect shaped butt. Because of this, he has got his butt insured. Gym does it to keep it in perfect shape.

Mallika Sherawat – Insured her entire body

Mallika Sherawat has made her own place in Bollywood. He has worked in Hindi englisy and Chinese films. He got maximum popularity from Murder Film. She is the owner of a wonderful and attractive body, from which she can make anyone crazy about her. Because of this, you have got your whole body insured.

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