Some Myth about periods and facts that you need to know

Menstruation Facts and Myth about periods

Myth about periods: What should be eaten during periods? Is there any exercise to get periods early? How to sit up during periods? What should you do if you have pain during periods? How should you live in these five days of periods? Has anyone given you any such rule book?

Some Myth About Period

Click here to know about what exactly happens during periods, and there are many myths about periods.

1. Curd, tamarind chutney and pickle should not be eaten during periods

After all, what happens during periods after eating sour food? If someone has advised you that sour food should not be eaten during periods because the flow becomes more, then this advice is wrong. If you are thinking of what to do if you have pain in periods, then it is important to know that what you eat does not determine the flow of your bleeding. But you can ease your pain with the help of exercise, medicine and hot water compresses.

2. Girls are dirty and unclean during periods

Having periods is normal. The body of girls is such that they have to bleed every month. There is nothing dirty or unusual in this. This is a natural process. Many believe in this myth and segregate girls during their periods, neither allowing them to eat with the family nor allow them to enter the rooms of the house. Even entering the kitchen is banned because they believe that “girls are dirty during periods and will defile the food.

3. Girls should not exercise during periods

What should I do if I have pain during periods? Exercise! Yes. But many people will advise you not to do any exercise or any outdoor work during periods and take rest because exercising can increase the flow of your bleeding up and down. But the truth is that exercising during periods reduces your colic.

Many times girls also exercise to bring periods early but this method is not 100% effective. Before an important date or event, do not exercise to bring the periods early, use only the medicine prescribed by the female gynecologist.

4. Hair should not be washed during periods

Often girls are advised that hair should not be washed during the days of menstruation because it leads to chances of infertility, but this is a lie. Biologically washing your hair has nothing to do with your infertility.

5. Periods should end in a week

Every woman’s body is different and she works in a different way. That’s why all menstrual cycles are different. Changes keep coming in this cycle even according to the changing age. Some women have fewer periods and some have longer periods.

6. A woman cannot get pregnant during her period

However, the chances of conceiving during periods are less. But it is not at all that a woman cannot get pregnant during periods.

7. Using a pad reduces bleeding

This is not the case at all, nor is there any evidence that the use of pads reduces bleeding in women. Women feel easy and comfortable during periods by using pads. It is more comfortable than the clothes used in earlier times.

This is a very important topic related to women’s health and there should not be any negligence regarding it. It is necessary to have proper knowledge of it. If you still have any hesitation in your mind, then you must take the advice of a female gynecologist.

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