5 Best Ways to Prevent Unwanted Pregnancy

Best Ways to Prevent Unwanted Pregnancy

Do you want to know how to prevent unwanted pregnancy? If yes, then this article for you, Check out best ways to prevent unwanted pregnancy. So that you can enjoy your life with your partner.

There are many ways to prevent pregnancy. Condoms provide protection against both pregnancy (STIs) and infection (PM).

Natural family planning (NFP), refers to the wide range of contraceptive methods that are used to prevent pregnancy. It involves understanding the body’s natural rhythms and cycles, as well as its natural rhythms.

Before we get into the details of how to prevent unwanted pregnancy, we need to first understand how myths are distinguished from facts.

A woman can get pregnant:-

  • In mid of her period
  • In her first time sex
  • Even if she doesn’t have an orgasm
  • Without vaginal intercourse
  • Even if she urinates after physical relation
  • Despite the man’s pulling out of his penis before ejaculations
  • In spite of not having her first period

Best Ways to Prevent Unwanted Pregnancy

In today’s time, a lot of searches are done on Google by young boys and girls about this. Some youths do not pay attention to caution due to enthusiasm, due to which the risk of unwanted pregnancy remains. You can avoid this by using the methods given below.

Some significant preventive measures to avoid unwanted pregnancy include the following methods. The best advice is to consult an expert, who can suggest to you the best and most effective ways to avoid pregnancy.

Emergency Contraception

Emergency contraception is a way to prevent unplanned pregnancies if you have had unprotected sexual relations or your contraceptive plan has failed. It can also be used to reduce bleeding, period pain, and other pre-menstrual complications. Women of all ages can use oral contraceptives.

You are 99 percent safe from an unwanted pregnancy if you take two emergency pills within 12 hours of unprotected sexual activity.


As a protection tool and to prevent unintended pregnancy, the male condom is very much in demand among young couples. Condoms are not only useful in preventing unintended pregnancies, but also provide protection against most transmitted diseases. Use one condom only once, and don’t reuse any other.

condom for Prevent Unwanted Pregnancy

The combination of rubbers with birth control methods such as the IUD and the pill can make them even more effective. It is used by boys. In today’s time, youth are also being educated about this.

Permanent contraception

Permanent contraception is more appropriate for married couples who have children but don’t wish to have more or agree on family planning.

Birth Control Options

Birth control–whether it’s the pill, patch, ring, implant, IUD, or the shot (Depo-Provera) greatly decreases your chances of conception. These methods are effective in different ways.

Opt for Copper T

copper T

Copper T is the best choice for women looking for protection that will last for a long time to prevent pregnancy. Copper T should only be implanted by a trained physician and should be removed when the couple is ready to have children.

Condom is most popular in today’s time, due to which you are saved from many diseases along with birth control. Available in the market for both men and women. This is the best method compared to taking emergency pills. Although some female partners say that they do not enjoy it much. But definitely use it for safety.


All the remedies that we have told you here are the best and anyone can use it. If you are looking more effective ways to avoid pregnancy considering any one of the above-mentioned methods, my recommencdation is to consult your gynecologist to do it safely without harming your own body.

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