10 Products That Are Banned In Foreign Countries But Not In India

Products That Are Banned In Foreign Countries

There are many such things which are completely banned in India and using them can also punish you. Some of our everyday things are banned abroad but they are used in India and the government also does nothing about it. We are going to tell you about some such things here.

If you use any of these, then you can be harmed because chemicals are used in them which is not good for health.

Check out these things that are banned Foreign Countries but not in India!

Jelly sweets

Jelly sweets ban in foregign countries

Jelly is very easily available in India. But these are completely banned in USA and Canada. Some reports suggest that eating them increases the risk of suffocation in children, after which there were some cases after which it was banned.

Lifebuoy soap

Lifeboy soap banned in other country

These soaps are considered very dangerous for human skin, chemicals are used in it which are not good for humans. In foreign countries this soap is used for bathing animals. But in India it is being sold very easily and from children to girls and men are also using it.


Pesticides banned in France

There are many insecticides which are completely banned abroad but all of them are being sold in India. Their use has very bad side effects on the body. Because of this many contrios have banned their use.

Red Bull

This drink is very popular in India but is completely banned in France and Denmark. In addition, people under the age of 18 cannot drink it in Lithuania. Many health problems related to heart such as depression, high blood pressure are included by drinking it.


There are many such medicines in India which are being sold illegally, along with this there is some medicine which is no less than poison for your health. Disprin is also included in these dangerous drugs. It is completely banned abroad and the government has banned its sale. But in India you will find it in every house.


Nimulid, a pain-relieving medicine, has been banned in many countries like USA, Australia, Canada and UK. Consuming too much can cause a lot of danger to the body. Take it it is easily available in India.

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