10 Different Types of Panties and Underwear for Women

Different Types of Panties for Ladies

Different Types of Panties For Women: Panties are indeed one of the most essential things for everyone. Panties are worn by most of the modern women from every corner of the world. These days all the girls underwear others insist on wearing panties for their daughters to stay clean. Along with this, the panties protect the very delicate parts of their body.

Therefore, panties are an essential part of clothing for girls & mans. Girls’ panties may not be visible to anyone, but still there is fashion and many types of clothes for them too. There are many benefits of wearing panties, they act as a barrier between the vagina and the clothes, which does not cause itching or any such problem due to clothes in your body parts. Plus, it offers various benefits, even till it saves you from foaming.

Panties may be a small piece of clothing, but still it plays a huge role in giving the right look to your desired outfit. Panty is also designed according to the clothes you wear. You will find many types of panties in the market.

Different types of panties for ladies | Girls Underwear

If you are a woman and wondering about the types of panties for yourself or want to explore other types apart from your everyday panty choice, then this post is for you. Here we are going to tell you about all types of panties.

types of panties for women


hipster for ladies

Hipster is one of the most popular panties for women. It is a combination of boyshorts and bikini. It gives you utmost coverage so that it sits a few inches below the hip. These are the most comfortable and soft of all types of panties for girls and women. You can wear it with jeans and skirt.

Bikini Panty

printed Bikini Panty for girls types of panties

Bikini is quite similar to thongs panty (girls underwear style). This is the panty part of a 2 piece bathing suit worn for swimming. This panty is usually worn below the waist and has a triangle shape at the front and back. You can wear bikini panty with all types of clothes. Wearing this, women look very attractive and glamorous.

Open Crotch Panty

Open Crotch Panty for young girls types of panties

This type of underwear is extremely sensual and looking beautiful. In this the crotch is completely open. This naughty underwear can make your man go crazy with desire. These panties can make your nights even more spicy so this panty has gained a lot of popularity. As the name suggests, this type leaves your crotch completely open.

Butt Booster

These days butt booster panty is very popular, it is being used a lot by girls, you can wear it under low rise jeans. With this you can increase your butt. It is made up of a specific type of fiber that gives your body a circular shape. Young girls wear this panty to enhance their beauty, due to which the size of their back increases, due to which people start getting fascinated by them.


This is the new age swimwear. This panty is shaped like a C hence the name C-string. The C-string panties fit snugly in your front area and cover only the important aspect with the rest completely open. If you want to enjoy on the beach then you can wear this.

It just covers the bare part of you. But it has butt exposed. This panty is very sexy and attractive. Mostly foreign women wear this panty, it is not so popular in India. However, some models keep getting photoshoot done wearing it.


G-String for young girls

This is a great addition to panty styles, it will help give a sexy look to your fabulous-bomb. It consists of a narrow strip of cloth, which is attached to your waist like a waistband. G-string panties have great work coverage which is very forward in style.

Its shape is like a bow. It covers your butt area a lot of work. Often girls and women can wear these panties for beachwear and sun-bathing.


Thong panty for girls

Thong is one of the essential types of inners for women, often women wear different pants according to their dress. This style looks very elegant as this panty is about three inches below the waist. This is for those girls who want their panty line to be visible under their outfit.

Often girls and women like to wear thong style panties when they go on their honeymoon because it is very attractive in appearance. This panty can also be worn with special dresses and skirts. Thong gives you zero coverage.

You can wear this type of panty under jeans, tight skirt and any dress. If you are going to party at night then it makes your night more fun.

Cheeky Panties

Cheeky panty is like a bikini, you can wear it in everyday life. Its fabric is very thin, so you can wear it with any kind of clothes. It looks very sexy in appearance. If you are on honeymoon then definitely wear this. Your partner will go crazy seeing you in this. And all your nights will be pleasant. You can wear it with maxi dress, pants, jeans.

Seamless Panty

These panties are like cheer leader panties. It does not have a visible panty line, in addition, it gives very little coverage. Your beautiful thighs are very visible in this. You can wear this with all types of clothes. If you are in a party with your partner or you are on a date then because of its small size you always look ready to enjoy.

One Side Knot Panty

If you want to enjoy the beach then this is for you. It consists of a single ribbon and can be tied single on the right hip bone. Women look very sensational and gorgeous in this panty. If you want, it can also be worn as swimwear and beachwear. You can wear it with one-shoulder bikini, cover-up and plunge bra, in which your beauty increases further.

Tanga Wear Panty

It is a transparent panty. On which embroidered light pink rose flowers are made. The style of these panties is very European. You can wear this panty as beachwear, swimwear. In this you can show your beautiful butt. Often boys and girls become crazy after seeing their butt. It gives you more coverage than thongs which helps in enhancing the beauty. Girls can wear it with bralette, midkini top and harem pants.

Here we told you about the types of girls underwear. Often girls wear according to these special occasions and their dress. That’s why you need to know what kind of panty you have to wear with which clothes.

I hope you liked this article. This will help you choose the right panty for you. Along with this, what kind of panties do you wear, please tell by commenting.

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